Since 1990, we have assisted a number of organisations understand social care, get contract ready and secure contracts with local authorities. For example, we helped a number of smaller organisations in Manchester secure luncheon club contracts and a community organisation in Trafford a low level day support contract.

Our outreach work in Trafford revealed that many of the older South Asians we were supporting through outreach work were isolated and would benefit from day support. Trafford at the time did not have culturally appropriate provision within its Borough boundaries but were keen to develop appropriate support. We assisted Trafford identify a local community organisation and then provided strategic as well as operational support to help secure a contract, develop and deliver a service. We arranged for Board members of this organisation to visit other day centres to learn about day support and assisted with the development of strategies and policies. We assisted with the recruitment of a Co-ordinator and Support Staff. Through our weekly drop-ins we worked with potential day care service users to co-produce appropriate activities.

We also support local authorities better understand needs of BME communities and contract with and support smaller organisations in appropriate ways. For example, we worked with Manchester and Trafford colleagues to recruit a BME Development Officer and have served on panels to help recruit providers, for example, home care, luncheon clubs and care groups.


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