We have been working with and on behalf of carers of South Asian older persons since 1991 under a contract to Manchester Children, Families and Social Care (Manchester Social Services). Our Asian Carers’ Group is the longest established carers support group in the City of Manchester.

What do we do?


· work with South Asian carers - those who come from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and neighbouring countries and who are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or of another faith
· visit carers
· look at their social and health care needs—what they need to maintain or improve their quality of life
· inform carers about entitlements such as carer’s assessment, short breaks (holidays), welfare benefits and grants and services that may be available to those they care for
· provide practical help, for example, we make phone calls, write letters, talk to others and complete forms
· talk to carers in their own language where possible. Our staff/ volunteers speak English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Bangla
· help improve relationship between carers, those that they care for and professionals
· assist carers to prepare for a carer’s assessment by a Social Worker

Asian Carers’ Group

This is a support group for South Asian carers (and those they care for - older South Asian persons and South Asian women with mental health needs). It meets on the first Tuesday of every month at the Longsight Library. Speakers are invited to provide information on their services, seek feedback and consult on proposed services.
The monthly meetings allow

Carers/ cared-for to

· meet with others and discuss their experiences of caring and seeking information/services
· meet with service providers/ professionals and discuss with them their needs, services that are available and their experiences of accessing these
· learn about services that may help improve their or the cared-for person’s life, for example, carers have learnt about services for carers, welfare benefits, equipment and adaptations, direct payments, health matters (eg diabetes, depression, stroke, falls prevention and healthy eating)
· improve their confidence in dealing with professionals

and providers and professionals to

· interact face-to-face with South Asian carers and those they care for
· learn about cultural and religious needs
· promote their services
· seek feedback

Once a year the Manchester Social Services Assistant Director responsible for carers also attends the Asian Carers’ Group meeting.

An Officer from the Department for Work and Pensions also attends every meeting to deal with queries, on a one-to-one basis, regarding welfare benefits such as pensions, pensions credit, DLA and AA.

Our meetings are open to health and social care professionals who work with older South Asian persons and South Asian women with mental health needs and their carers.



Asian Carers

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