We have a long history of contributing to cultural awareness of social and health care staff at all levels. We have contributed to the training for Manchester's social care staff and in particular care/support workers at the Hillside Resource Centre when day care provision was set up for South Asians there.

At policy and strategy forums we endeavour to highlight the need for cultural competence for health, social care and housing staff and others.

In 2009 we were commissioned by Trafford Adult Social Services to deliver a cultural awareness programme. We have adopted an innovative approach to delivering this programme:

  • partnership approach (LMCP focusing on South and South East Asian religions and cultures and the African Caribbean Care Group for the Elderly focusing on the African and African Caribbean religions and cultures and TMA providing access to their service users and facilities
  • delivered from a Resource Centre with mainstream and BME providers
  • formal training is combined with a tour of the venue including an opportunity to share lunch with the Resource Centre service users (TMA, a local organisation providing low level day care for South Asian older persons under a contract to Trafford Adult Social Services) and looking at prayer room and 'wudhu' (washing before prayers) room
  • South Asian component is being delivered by a qualified social worker with experience of college teaching and setting up a home care service for South Asians and a full-time carer/social care worker
  • This innovative approach is well liked by participants, as reflected in the following comment:

    "an excellent feeling of community spirit which made me feel part of the group. I felt humbled that people had welcomed me into their personal activities, and were very generous of their time. In this I mean that we live in a multicultural society and yet we are not fully integrated often don't understand what other people do or prefer, I was free to ask questions and explore issues no matter how personal these were to help me get a better understanding of how different cultures live. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and people were made to feel at ease so that they could ask these sorts of questions. This helped me to dispel some of the myths that people imagine happen especially where people get confused by religious codes and how these are misrepresented and affiliated to cultural groups."


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