Since 1990 through our outreach work, drop-ins, monthly meetings of our Asian Carers' Group meetings and information events we have been facilitating service user/ carer engagement/ involvement. This has usually been around feedback and consultations about services. However, we have always felt that meaningful service user/ carer involvement with policies and strategies requires knowledge and understanding of social and health care legislation, policies and strategies and local and national priorities as well as confidence to participate in meetings and raise issues/ concerns and/or put forward ideas and suggestions.

Training programme

We were therefore delighted when Trafford Council asked us to develop and deliver a service user/carer engagement pilot. Based on the success of this we are now looking forward to deliver further programme.


Following the IDeA Local Innovation Award, Trafford Adult Social Services have commissioned us to develop a workbook on engaging hard-to-reach groups aimed at health and social care and other professionals.


Asian Carers

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