Ahmed I Lambat

Joined in 2000 as an Outreach Worker and since June 2002 has been responsible for managing LMCP. He divides his time between managing LMCP, practice teaching social work students, supporting research and contributing to the development of social and health care strategies, policies and services. Ahmed has served/ continues to serve on a number of strategy, policy, steering and working groups and forums to help improve the availability and uptake of culturally and religiously appropriate health and social care services in Manchester and Trafford.

Ahmed provides cultural awareness support to Manchester and Trafford Adult Social Care staff; advice and guidance to voluntary, community and independent providers on developing and delivering culturally and religiously appropriate care services; and capacity building support to smaller community organisations.

Ahmed holds a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Manchester, an MSc in Computing from Bradford University, Certificate in Enterprise Skills from Stirling University and the Social Work Practice Teacher Award from Salford University/ General Social Care Council. He has also attended numerous courses relevant to his work including the Dale Carnegie Leadership and Motivation programme.

Satpal K Birdi

Satpal is our Mental Health Services Co-ordinator. She organises our drop-ins for South Asian women with mental health needs, supports service users and their families through outreach work and makes strategic inputs to help improve mental health services provision in Manchester. She also supports older South Asians and their carers with their social and health care and housing needs and contributes to the monthly meetings of our Asian Carers’ Group.

Satpal joined LMCP in 1996 as an Employment Skills Link Worker, having worked in a care home for 10 years. She played a critical role in increasing the ‘pool’ of South Asian care workers in Manchester.

Satpal qualified as a social worker in 2005. She has also undertaken other training relevant to her area of work. Apart from English, Satpal is fluent in Punjabi and Hindi (Urdu).

Inderjeet K Randhawa

Inderjeet is our part-time mental health drop-in Support Worker. She joined LMCP as a volunteer in 2001 and took up her post in 2003. She assists Satpal in developing and delivering drop-in activities and leads on the physical activity. Inderjeet support South Asian women suffering from isolation, loneliness and with low to moderate level mental health needs.

Inderjeet is a qualified yoga instructor and holds NVQ 2 and is working towards an NVQ 3 in social care. She holds an MA in History from Punjab University, India and has undertaken other training relevant to her area of work. Inderjeet speaks Punjabi and Hindi (Urdu).

Tasleem Iqbal

Tasleem is our part-time Carers Support Worker. She joined LMCP in 2008. Tasleem supports carers of older South Asians and South Asian women with mental health needs through outreach work. She also helps organise our monthly Asian Carers’ Group meetings. Tasleem is a former carer. She looked after her mother who suffered a stroke which impacted heavily on her memory. As a former carer Tasleem is able to relate well to carers, understand their needs, aspirations and frustrations and is able to provide appropriate emotional and practical support. Tasleem speaks English, Punjabi and Urdu (Hindi).

Shani Malik

Shani joined LMCP in 2008 as a part-time Administrator. In June 2010 she added Outreach work with older South Asians to her role. Shani plays a vital role in keeping the organisation ‘ticking’, contributes to the organising of the monthly Asian Carers’ Group meetings and produces monthly returns for the Council.

Shani holds a BA in Law and Politics. Shani speaks English, Punjabi and Urdu.

Nazir Patel

Nazir joined LMCP in 2005 as an Outreach Worker. In June 2010 he added support brokerage to his role. He supports older South Asian persons and their carers understand their social, health care and housing needs and helps them access appropriate services. He makes strategic inputs to help improve social and health care services in Trafford.

Nazir has played a key role in raising awareness, developing drop-ins, in identify unmet needs and in assisting a local community organisation to contract for and deliver low level day care.

Nazir holds a BA in Psychology from South Gujarat University, India; a Certificate in Counselling and has undertaken other relevant training.

Nazir speaks English, Gujarati, Hindi and Urdu.


Rukaiya Pandor

Rukaiya joined LMCP in 2006 as a part-time Outreach Worker and in June 2010 added support brokerage to her role. She supports older South Asian persons and their carers better understand their health and social care needs and access appropriate services. Rukaiya also makes strategic input to help improve services in Trafford.

Rukaiya worked in the social care field for 9 years before joining LMCP. She speaks English, Gujarati and Urdu.

She has a creative educational background and holds an HND in Creative Design for Fashion, a BTEC National Diploma in Business and Finance and has completed other relevant training.

Yusuf I Lambat

Yusuf joined LMCP in 2009 as a part-time Development Worker. He has developed and delivers a Cultural Awareness programme for Trafford Council’s social care workers; he as co-developed and co-delivered with AIL a service users engagement pilot; and is co-producing with AIL a workbook on how to engage with hard-to-reach groups. He also provides supervision support to colleagues and practice teaches social work students on placement with LMCP.

Yusuf holds a BA in Politics and Contemporary History from Salford University; Diploma in Social Work from MMU; a teaching qualification from the University of Central Lancashire and has undertaken other relevant management training.

Before joining LMCP, Yusuf set up and managed Dekh-Bhal – a home care service for South Asians provided by Manchester Care and managed the BA in Social Work programme and Counselling programmes at Stockport College.


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