We started offering placements to social work students in the mid-90s. To date we have had 100 students from Manchester Metropolitan University, Salford University, Stockport College, Manchester University and one from Hull University.

We offer placements to BA and MA students at level I (intermediate) and level II (final).

What students can expect:

  1. excellent learning opportunities
    1. carrying out holistic assessment of needs and aspirations and intervening using the concept of co-production
    2. developing effective relationships with service users
    3. using the 'slow' social work approach
    4. adopting a person centred approach
    5. providing emotional and practical support by liaising with a range of agencies (statutory, voluntary and independent) and professionals
    6. applying theory to practice
    7. learning about changes as they happen
    8. acquiring knowledge and understanding of cultural and religious difference and how to take these into consideration when carrying out assessments and interventions
    9. undertaking one-to-one work as well as group work
  2. excellent support
    1. students are supported by an accredited Practice Teacher/Assessor (Practice Teaching Award holder) and two qualified social workers - one with extensive hands-on practice and the other with an academic background. Our first practice teacher obtained his Practice Teaching Award in 1996
  3. resources
    1. we have a well stocked library. students have access to the internet

    What one student had to say about his experience:

    "My name is Fredman Masaire. I am a former Manchester Metropolitan University [Stockport College] BA Social Work degree student. I did my final practice learning placement at LMCP. The academic, professional and social environment was conducive to maximum application of theories I had learnt in college and effective extension of knowledge. Support and guidance was excellent and tasks meant to enable me to apply 'Key Roles' and assess and evaluate own work sharing with the other students were academically and professionally challenging. Tutorials instilled in me a sense of taking responsibility for my own work and I always found them highly enriching. Above all, every member of the organisation was always supportive and welcoming."


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